Journey to $100,000 from Apps Development

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In 2011 I was working as a call center representative  at telecommunication company in Bahrain  . I decided to resign from job , and starting working from Home by developing apps and publishing them to iOS Apps Store . In this e-book is my 10 years of Journey , you will discover how I earned more than $ 100,000 in few years from home by working online using my computer . I will explain in the book how I can publish apps to Apple Store and Later Google Play store without necessary need to learn programming

6. How did I get the idea of developing apps ?

9. Resignations since the first month !

12. Buying a MacBook Laptop

14. Join the Apple Developer Program

17. The second app : Bahrain restaurants

22. App : Hard Challenge

30. Continuing to develop applications

32. Application : the Nearest Place

36. Application Marketing

38. Net profit of 1700 dollars!

39. Apps That Failed

41. Apple rejects the TV app

44. Continuation of doing apps

52. Retro Game : Captain Majed

59. Huge success and profit of $ 4,970 dollars in one month

64. The big shock

67. A call from Apple and trying

to update the game

69. Continuing attempts to return

the game to the store.

71. Searching for a profitable application idea

73. App : 80’s Arcade games

75. The good news .. Apple approved the app

78. Unprecedented profits

81. How do I answer the question:

Where do you work?

83. Continuous earnings and a wonderful lifestyle

85. Worst fears happened !

87. Game : Amazing Frog Simulator City

93. Achieving the largest number of profits

96. Net profit amounted to $ 41,000 for the year 2018

97. No safe with Apple!

100. Diversify sources of income and not relying on Apple

103. Apple is fighting a legal battle in the courts

105 .Publish games on Google Play

107. Republish apps in the Apple Store

108. Activate subscriptions in some applications

110. Publish free apps for Android

  • 111 Pages of ebook or paperback .
  • 10 Years of my apps publishing experiences .
  • My working from Home Story .
  • Challenges that I faced .
  • I will explain how I generate money from apps publishing without necessary need to learn programming .
  • Any one interested to work from home , and would like to make money online  .
  • Any one looking or already working on apps development or publishing mobile apps.
  • Any one love reading and would like to get benefit from my experience and story .

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Journey to $100,000 from Apps Development

1 rating
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